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Garth Thompson

“The Founder and President”

Son of Jamaica, As a citizen of the United States, he strives to do good for people, and he has established charitable entities to provide benefits for a wide range of community awareness.

Garth B. Thompson, founder and president of GCPTALKS and Garth Charity Projects, is taking action through his charitable organizations to serve the less fortunate and those who need all the support through the very efforts of Garth B. Thompson community giving. Note that throughout his life, he has worked diligently to make an impact. He has always had the thought of achieving his own business, which would create opportunities and bring to light a vision that seems to require dream directions—and thought of a place of his own to attain those visions in his charitable establishment.



About the Book

Garth B. Thompson In response to the thought and development of the book, the reader will have a much more meaningful understanding of the song, book, and movie movements. You will read about the song’s message, which aligns with the need for support within Brooklyn and throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as in the New York States and nationwide. Garth B. Thompson dreams about helping humanity and speaks of humanity’s cry as he cries in ways of reaching for humanity. He is telling you to wipe the tears from your “eyes.” So you can realize that hope is on its way. This is why you and “I, and all of us, must come together to save the world by helping humankind, and in exchange, they can help one another. Because this is our place to live in peace and harmony with one another, let’s make this a place for everyone. This topic too is also quoting the Out Cry Humanity Cry Out is a song that you can hear throughout.

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