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Based on the author’s book, Outcry Humanity Cry Out by Garth B. Thompson, there is a need for sponsorship with marketing and promotions to establish a promotional strategy as the book requires exposure—a strategy for book sales. Garth B. Thompson urges his book fans to be the first to purchase his book. Fans buy an e-book, hardcover, or paperback; in terms of the audiobook sponsorship, take advantage of purchasing to make a difference. Donate funds that will help make our charitable efforts possible and meaningful. All in one.

Sponsor your contributions; the funds will support the bus book launch tours, book signing, hotels, and plane tickets. The author’s ambition is simply to market the book in America, Jamaica, Canada, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Kenya, etc.

I am seeking sponsorship to accomplish the impossible with a tour bus for my book signing and hiring a talented artist to perform “as a way” to promote the book launch. Genres: Dancers, poets, and musicians are among this package of performers as we tour the United States and elsewhere. It’s how Thompson wishes to galvanize his potential book fans and buyers.

Outcry Humanity Cry Out, a book by author Garth B. Thompson, asks sponsors for a book signing tour budget of $100,000. Sponsorship amounts start at $150, $250, $500, and $1000, respectively.

Garth B. Thompson anticipates starting a book signing tour within New York, cities, and the state and surrounding states of America. And globally, with Jamaica, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a few African countries. Staff needed for book signing: bus tour manager, book liaison secretary, PR, host, and organization director. Including one or two acts for the book session. Book bus tour routes will stop at Barnes & Noble and other scheduled bookstores. Scheduled book signing events are three hours long, with a videographer and live session.

Book signing locations:

  • Brooklyn Barns and Noble monthly book signing
  • Queen’s Barns and Noble Monthly book signing
  • Bronx Barns and Noble Monthly book signing
  • Manhattan Barns and Noble Monthly book signing
  • Poughkeepsie, New York, Barnes & Noble.
  • New York Woodstock book signing events
  • Overseas book signing

Garth B. Thompson’s book signing at independent bookstore event coordinator. Garth B. Thompson is seeking the perfect spot to host a book signing with a coordinator who is a stalwart supporter. And a sponsor who can make the book signing dynamic.

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