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Humanity Cry Out

Garth B. Thompson In response to the thought and development of the book, the reader will have a much more meaningful understanding of the song, book, and movie movements. You will read about the song’s message, which aligns with the need for support within Brooklyn and throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as in the New York States and nationwide. Garth B. Thompson dreams about helping humanity and speaks of humanity’s cry as he cries in ways of reaching for humanity. He is telling you to wipe the tears from your “eyes.” So you can realize that hope is on its way. This is why you and “I, and all of us, must come together to save the world by helping humankind, and in exchange, they can help one another. Because this is our place to live in peace and harmony with one another, let’s make this a place for everyone. This topic too is also quoting the Out Cry Humanity Cry Out is a song that you can hear throughout.

A better place for you and me, we want the next generation to be free from any heartache or holdbacks in life. So as you hear the cry of the poor, let’s stand up and be united for humanity, so eventually we will understand the need for humanity’s support. We ask people if they can hear the cry of the poor and fortunate and if they can help us reach them all. We must cry for those in poverty, as humanity struggles with life frustration while faced with diseases and the troubles and worries that cause the human turmoil of national dilemmas. With war, crimes, and hate, the world needs peace and love within. The division of communities’ youth against each other, fighting their own battles, when there should be a workshop that develops their leadership skills, preparing them for a better foreseeable future in which humanity’s cries need to be heard, and Garth B. Thompson’s organization is about positivity and love for those less fortunate and asking the fortunate for support. Garth B. Thompson called on heads of state to help, starting with royal officials. Queens and Kings, as we are in a time and age where we could use their authority figures to pave the way through. Queens and Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Local Leaders, let’s pull together for humanity and a better world, with many opportunities for our workshop to serve humanity. Readers, help us develop a workshop that will give generous benefits to humanity.

Thompson envisions that others will relate to his mission, as with this dream effort there is a need, and throughout the book the author makes his purpose clear. Speaking about the book’s coming about for many reasons, Thompson encourages supporters to join.

OUT CRY Humanity Cry Out

Charitable Movie

The book introduces a charitable community movie effort through an organization that organizes talented actors and actresses who demonstrate giving practices not just in the United States but around the globe. Actors and actresses share our charitable ways and services as they serve as noble philanthropists. As we develop actors and actresses to advocate for our organization through the movie as representatives for doing all the good we can, we ask for funds to be donated to aid our causes. Be a part of our movie to come. GCPTALKS, Inc.