About The Author

Garth B Thompson

The Founder and President

Son of Jamaica, As a citizen of the United States, he strives to do good for people, and he has established charitable entities to provide benefits for a wide range of community awareness.

Garth B. Thompson, founder and president of GCPTALKS and Garth Charity Projects, is taking action through his charitable organizations to serve the less fortunate and those who need all the support through the very efforts of Garth B. Thompson community giving. Note that throughout his life, he has worked diligently to make an impact. He has always had the thought of achieving his own business, which would create opportunities and bring to light a vision that seems to require dream directions—and thought of a place of his own to attain those visions in his charitable establishment.

Garth B. Thompson is willing to create a pathway that works well for a society wherever he resides, but his true thinking does not end there; he is thinking to help humanity globally. Thompson’s dream is to do all the good he can by looking out for the vulnerable and ensuring their needs are met. He is thinking of ways to unite humanity with charity giving that serves causes starting from Brooklyn, New York, to the entire United States and beyond. This book is called “Out Cry, Humanity, Cry Out.” It creates a conversation about humanity’s struggles and ways to resolve their dire issues. Garth B. Thompson wants to bring his late grandmother’s kindness to the world.

Thompson’s book is the new beginning of a brand-new start, with his missions paving the way for opportunities and allowing readers to join the book collection club agenda like no other. With this book published now, it simply means a lot is about to happen. The power that readers hold is unknown to them until they make a purchase. One will never know that it’s your book-purchasing efforts that will drive all of Thompson’s dreams for society’s “benefits needs” to be a success. Become the book Out cry humanity, cry out Ambassador?

Garth and the Arts and Culture

Since his adolescent years, Garth Thompson has conducted and organized shows in Jamaica. As a child growing up, he would galvanize his peers to engage in community activities, which included concerts and sports for fundraising. One of his biggest shows was at the church that he attended. Thus, he gave his peers a good sense of understanding and caring for each other. These activities helped groom him.

So, it all began for Garth. His interest peaked among his peers because he allowed them to believe that their talents were tools to share with others and entertain for fun and profit at the Mount Edmondson Methodist Church in Maroon Town, Saint James.

Now the founder and president of Garth Charity Projects, Inc., he wishes to help young artists willing to use the fundraising spotlight as their exposure or gateway to the world. These people include models and singers of gospel, RNB, hip-hop, jazz, etc., and poets.

The organization’s goal is to encourage people of different ethnic groups, whether sponsors, volunteers, the media, youth, or even professionals, to perform in their style and culture.

Garth Charity Projects hopes to bring fine arts to every borough of New York City and hopefully the entire USA, and eventually to the island of Jamaica in the West Indies.

The organization wants people willing to give something back to communities in need, helping to create hope for all humankind and creating a place where people can be happy and embrace human expression and creativity.

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